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Jul 5

so i started playing draw something 2 with bunny

my first word was “fingers” and although i didn’t take a picture of it, trust me when i say that it was less than spectacular

bunny’s first word was “joker”
i watched it appear and i was just floored

i mean JESUS CHRIST look at it

so then i got “iron man” and i drew a sort of okay one

then the app was like “LOL THERE WAS AN ERROR SORRY YOUR DRAWING IS GONE” and when i went to do my turn again, i got the same word, so i drew it AGAIN and it looked even worse the second time, but i sent it anyway

i don’t know if she’ll ever play with me again (because she’s quite a busy person) but that’s almost fine with me because then she will never see this awful drawing i did hahahaha

i am so out of practice, i could punch myself

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