reminiscing in retrograde

i'm in charge of an asshole car orchestra

Aug 17

casual reminder again that i’ve pretty much left this blog behind except to go to my sideblog for the creatures dating sim

you can probably tell what my new blog is but if you can’t, ask me and i might give it to you

Aug 2


bennetts forgive me

everyone forgive me

Aug 1


nova raging/lamenting over velocibox

Jul 27


Steam Powered Giraffe at the North Park Theater, 7-24-14

Includes clips from:
- I’ll Rust With You
- Honeybee (malfunction)
- Wired Wrong
- Steam Powered Giraffe (Reprise) (full song with some of the skit)

Jul 15





new personal blerg… message me and i just might give you the URL.

reminder that i’ve abandoned ship… this blog will stay around indefinitely but if you wanna talk to me, please message me and depending on who you are, i might give you my new URL.

and again

and AGAIN because i still keep getting followers on here and i don’t know why

one more time

lunarous said: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers. (If someone already set you this oh well do it again. Do it forever.)

1. i’m alive
2. i have a decent amount of hair on my head
3. i don’t eat as much junk food as i used to
4. i’m trying to better myself mentally
5. i’m usually polite to strangers

not sending this just cause i’m lazy and cause i don’t really use this blog anymore but thanks for thinking of me as one of your favorite followers uwu

Anonymous said: why don't you like adventure time? or think it's happy?

i love adventure time? it’s one of my favorite shows. the only episode i really had a problem with was “breezy” because of how creepy they made LSP

Jul 11


jack et la mécanique du coeur, part 4


jack et la mécanique du coeur, part 3

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