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Apr 16

the reason rabbit’s shoulders are so pointy in my newest drawing of her is because originally she was going to look more like this:

buuuuut i decided to make her look friendlier

and then i forgot about the hunched shoulders

oh well

it looks kinda neat

i’m gonna keep telling myself that when it starts to bug me

i’m so tired, it’s getting nearly impossible to keep my eyes open in my mom’s office

by the time i finally get to have my “party” i’m going to pass out at the dinner table



Running wild in the streets with your best friend.

I don’t even watch Naruto and I love these two

(via brillohead)

princeeir asked: happy birthday friend! i wish i could get you something nice. u_u <3 here is a smooch instead -smooch-

aww, it okay, friend. your friendship makes me happy enough <3



I wanna go home


to me this turned into a &#8220;when you see it you&#8217;ll shit bricks&#8221; jesus christ



I wanna go home




to me this turned into a “when you see it you’ll shit bricks”

jesus christ

dare 2 compare:

the top drawing was done in summer 2012 (exact date unknown because i uploaded it to dA in august some time after i actually printed out a copy and gave it to bunny at the san diego zoo)

and the bottom one was just finished now (april 16, 2014)

i suppose i’ve gotten a bit better at drawing but the main difference here is that rabbit has become way more difficult to draw over the years

thanks obama bunny bennett

(can you tell that i missed using manga studio)

woohoo irresponsible adults acting like children

i’m not sure what to do with the myriad of hours i’m stuck here

most online games are out of the question, though i have a decent amount of roms i still haven’t played

i brought my tablet so i could draw if i could think of something TO draw

i could try to make music even though i haven’t had any inspiration on that front in months


time always seems to crawl by when i’m stuck at mom’s office

… i’m really gonna regret not sleeping

because at this point i won’t even get a full hour of sleep before i have to get up and start packing

i’m a fool

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